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Design Your Own Name Labels

Personalized Sticker Name Labels for Clothing, Shoes and Gear

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name labels for clothes and gear
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Create magical bedrooms for your kids

Birthday cards

Birthday Cards

Make the Celebration Extra Festive
With Fun and Cute Birthday Cards!

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Label your sports gear - customized name stickers

Sports Gear

Don't forget to label your sports gear.

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Labels for craftmen - customized name stickers


We have the perfect labels for craftmen and all their tools.

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Labels for nursing homes - customized name stickers

Nursing Home

Take care of your clothes and valuable items.

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Labels for daycare - customized name stickers

Daycare, Kindergarten and School

Label lunch boxes, water bottles, and pencil cases with adorable stickers.

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Questions and answers

Why should I label my clothing and belongings?

When brand-new clothing and belongings disappear at daycare, kindergarten or school, it can be both frustrating and expensive. By labeling every single item, you’ll prevent your kids’ clothes and gear from ending up in the lost and found.

The fun already begins while you customize you own designs. Choose a backround, a motif, font and font-colour – and as quick as that, you’ll have a personalized Name Label. One awesome perk of being able to choose your own design, is that your kids can easily recognize their items. And parents can stop wondering which hoodie or lunchbox belongs to their kid. Let’s get organized!

What makes adhesive Name labels special?

We appreciate you have high standards when it comes to quality and durability. This is why we have developed name stickers that endure rough everyday wear and tear. Because kids play in all kinds of weather and temperatures, the label on their clothes and items need to keep their shape and color, even after several cycles in the washer and dishwasher. Name Stickers are easy to use, popular and with their vibrant colors and joyful design, they can fit in anywhere! The label works just like a sticker: peel it off the backing sheet and place it on the garments care instruction. Attaching the sticker is quick and easy using your thumb.

Can I design my own labels, or are they just for my kids?

Of course! Knock yourself out! With our self-adhesive Stick-On Labels mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa can go ahead and label anything from tools to Tupperware, notebooks, office supplies or your family’s electronics. That is the beauty of our Name Labels! You can fix so that every member of the family has customized labels for their own stuff. Some prefer to label their belongings in a shared living space. How many siblingarguments can we prevent by just labeling the phone-charger? We can name a few. Or how about at the office? That one stapler that always mysteriously disappears…

Are my labels washer and dishwasher safe?

Name Stickers, can handle 140ºF/60ºC in the washing machine, the dryer or the dishwasher. If you choose Iron-On Labels, you can wash them at 200ºF/95ºC and then safely tumble dry them. The labels are also microwave and freezer safe.

We use high-quality materials to prevent our Name Stickers from fading, detaching or losing their shape after frequent washing. Our special glue attaches the labels perfectly to both plastics and textiles.

Can I label other items than clothing?

You can label a variety of items with our self-adhesive labels! You can easily adhere them to clothes, shoes, backpacks, toys and lunch boxes. If you want to label toys like Lego blocks, books or dolls, you can use our Mini Labels that fit perfectly to decorate smaller items. Our Large Labels are especially cute for larger items, such as bottles, books, lunch box and backpacks.

How long is the delivery time?

You can expect to recieve your products in your mailbox within 3-6 business days. 1 day for production, and 2-5 days for delivery. If you haven’t recieved your products within the estimated delivery time, please contact us at