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Preview of Door Stickers: Dogs
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Does your child want a puppy more than anything else, or do you already have a furry, four-legged pet? Families with and without dogs will love these beautiful decorations. Our door stickers are self-adhesive and work like stickers. In 1-2-3 you can give any door a completely new look. What is better than honoring our barking best friends?

One door sticker consists of a banner with personalized text, the main design, and several small decorative elements. Is 101 Dalmations your child’s favorite movie, or maybe you really want an English Bulldog?

The door sticker is made of a flexible material that does not stretch or leave marks. This makes it easy to attach and remove the decoration.

How to attach the sticker: 

  • Make sure the door is clean, dry, and free of grease and dust
  • Carefully take the different decorative elements off the sheet, and attach them where you want them on the door
  • Make sure to remove all air bubbles with your hand

Don’t worry if you cannot get it right on your first try, the sticker can easily be removed and replaced. All you have to do is carefully pull the sticker off the door and place it where you would like. You can also stick the decoration on the original Teddylabels package or parchment paper.