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Name Labels for Clothes and Gear

Self-adhesive name labels for clothes and gear. Our waterproof name labels are perfect for daycare, kindergarten, school and nursing homes. Washer, dryer and dishwasher safe up to 140ºF.

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$19.95 per set

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Parents’ Pick

Teddylabels Name Labels help your family keep track of both clothing and various items. Our self adhesive Name Labels are very popular due to their durability and how easy they are to attach and remove.

Our sticker Name Labels are loved by parents because they are so amazingly practical – and adored by children for their cute designs. Imagine to always have control over which item of clothing or bottle that belongs to you or your kid. So helpful and may we say, quite awesome.

Unleash your creativity using various colors and themes to design a unique layout. There are hundreds of different designs awaiting you whether you prefer a cute, cool, trendy or neutral label. Choose a personalized design for your kids’ Teddylabels and you’re good to go. Ready – set – GO! Let’s label everything!

Is your kid a fan of unicorns or space? Take a look at our themed Large Name Labels – there are so many to choose from!

One bundle contains 120 self-adhesive stickers sized approx. 1.18″ x 0.51″. Our self-adhesive name labels can stick to most anything from chargers, lunch boxes, water bottles or clothes and shoes. Perfect usage for daycare, kindergarten, school, and last but not least – for camp. If you want to make it easier for your items to find their way back to you – Label them!

Look after the things you love – label your items with Teddylabels.

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For clothes, shoes and gear

Waterproof, durable and practical Name Labels for clothes, shoes and gear. Perfect for daycare and kindergarten, as well as school and for camp. Our sticker Name Labels can be used on all types of clothing that has a care label. Iron-on name labels are a good alternative for socks, scarves and homemade knitwear. You get to choose the design – they work great for all ages. In a bundle you get 120 Name Labels.


Our waterproof Name Labels are laundry, dishwasher and dryer safe up to 140ºF, as well as oven, microwave and freezer safe. We have the highest quality standards and we guarantee that our labels can handle rough wear and tear over time, and still retain their color, shape and design.

Delivery time

We will do our utmost to get your name labels to you as quickly as possible. 1 day for production and 3-6 days for delivery. Your personalized name labels will be delivered directly to your mailbox.