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In the search for a quick and easy method to mark your clothes and possessions with your name? Look no further! Our self-adhesive name labels offer a convenient solution. Designed to work like stickers, they adhere firmly with just a simple press of the thumb.

With us, you have the opportunity to design your unique and personal name label. You can enter up to three lines of text, with 17 characters per line, and customize it further by selecting a motif, text color, and background that fits your style perfectly.

These labels measure 1.18″ x 0.51″, making them an ideal fit for sewn-in clothing tags. Each package contains 120 name labels, ensuring you have plenty to use.

One of the standout features of our self-adhesive name labels is their durability. They withstand temperatures up to 140ºF in the washing machine, as well as the rigors of the tumble dryer, dishwasher, oven temperatures, and even the cold. Despite heavy use and wear over time, these labels maintain their color and shape.

Fun Facts:

  • By mixing different colors, fonts, and motifs available in our selection, you can create over 35 million unique combinations, guaranteeing a truly unique label.
  • Just a few years ago, iron-on labels were our best-selling product. However, our self-adhesive name labels have now taken the lead, becoming a favorite among parents.

Iron-on Labels

Iron-on labels are perfect for garments that are home-knit or homemade, meaning they don’t have a sewn-in care label and require direct application to the fabric. Using an iron to apply, these labels attach securely for extra durability.

Just like our standard name labels, you can design your iron-on labels to be personal and unique. A custom label is a thoughtful addition to homemade garments given as gifts, adding a touch of love and care to items like mom’s hand-knitted sweater.

These iron-on labels are designed to withstand rough use and boiling washes, making them ideal for marking clothes for residents in institutions like nursing and retirement homes, where garments are often washed under less gentle conditions.

Each pack of iron-on labels includes 120 pieces, in the same size as our no-iron name labels. Choose from hundreds of different motifs and colors to create your unique label.

Mini Labels

For marking smaller items, our mini labels are the perfect solution. At just 0.63″ x 0.24″, they’re less than half the size of our standard labels, ideal for items like school supplies, pacifiers, glasses, Lego bricks, and hair clips – the possibilities are endless!

You can enter up to 12 characters on these mini labels and choose from various background colors. Each pack contains 175 mini labels, offering plenty of options for even the smallest items.

Large Name Labels

For larger items such as sleds, bicycles, lunch boxes, or water bottles, our large and highly visible name labels are the ideal choice. These labels come in a variety of themes, including animals, vehicles, and fantasy figures, and like all our products, are extremely durable and adhere well to surfaces like plastic, metal, and glass.

Each set includes 33 self-adhesive name labels in various sizes and shapes, with the largest labels measuring approximately five cm. Whether you need to mark small or large items, our comprehensive range of name labels ensures that your belongings will be uniquely and clearly identified.