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Quiz for Children: 35 Fun Questions for the Whole Family

Family quiz

Enjoy some quality time with the children and plan a trivia night! Who wants to be the quizmaster? A quiz is perfect for birthday parties, as a vacation activity, or just as entertainment for a fun family night. We give you our best tips for a successful trivia night and 35 fun questions for the whole family.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with activities that can entertain the whole family, especially on rainy days that call for indoor activities. Put on your best game face and get ready for a family quiz!
A challenging quiz that really tests your knowledge is fun for both old and young. It is also a simple activity without too much fuss that is easy to do during downtime, for instance when you’re stuck in traffic and your car is barely moving forward.

How to arrange a quiz for children?

A quiz can make learning more fun, and when we have fun, it is also easier to remember the things we learn. Getting the correct answer can boost the children’s confidence and it is exciting for the kids to show their parents and siblings what they have learnt in school and from reading books.

However, a quiz for children should primarily be fun and not too challenging. There are several ways to have a quiz, and here are some suggestions.

One way is to read one question at a time, and the first person who answers right gets the point. This might not be fair to the youngest players If there is a big age gap between the contestants. Some kids might think it is fun and educational just to participate and do not mind the disadvantage of being younger, but it might be a good idea to try some new rules.

Quiz for children

One alternative is to let the players answer in order based on age, so that the youngest contestant always gets the chance to answer first. If the youngest player does not know the answer, then the question moves on to the next player, and it continues until someone gets the answer right.

You can also agree on taking turns answering questions. In this case we recommend that the grownups, or the quizmaster, make questions that fit every age group so that everyone gets a challenge and the opportunity to answer a question within their level of knowledge.

Another option is to have everyone write down their answers on a piece of paper and at the end you will read them out loud and award points. Edge the competition by splitting up into teams that are evenly distributed by age.

Perhaps you can invite other family members and friends to participate by setting up a joint video call, for example using FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. We know that grandparents that don’t live within close proximity will appreciate spending time with their grandchildren while also having a fun challenge.

What to Include in a Quiz for Children!

The options are endless! You can do a quiz for the whole family focusing on a common interest, for example sports, history, animal species, or geography. Other times it might be fun to arrange a quiz with questions from a lot of different categories, including everything from current news headlines, past presidents, music, movies, etc.

A hot tip is to include some personal questions as well. Does everyone in the family actually know where dad was born? Or what was mom’s first job? For the sake of fairness and family peace, the person in the question should pass on this specific round.

Include some creative activities, for instance a word puzzle. Are you able to solve this word puzzle? You will find the solution at the very end of the article.

Family and quiz for children

Organize a Scavenger Hunt!

Easter hunts are a tradition for a lot of people. Easter is a holiday where we gather the whole family and spend quality time with all the people we love.
A fun alternative to the traditional Easter hunt is a scavenger hunt where every question leads to the next clue.

An exciting scavenger hunt that eventually leads to a prize for all contestants is a fun activity that get the children both moving and thinking. If you are doing this for Easter, then colorful Easter eggs could be the prize.

In addition to questions that lead to the next clues, a scavenger hunt can include different tasks that need to be solved. Some suggestions to different tasks can be a simple crossword where the first letter of every word makes up the solution, a creative word puzzle, or a tricky riddle.

If you are organizing the scavenger hunt outdoors, you can also include activities such as throwing target, balance beam, and tree climbing (safety first!). Try hiding clues or tasks inside balloons that the children have to pop.

Are you the quizmaster or in charge of organizing a scavenger hunt? We believe all participants deserve a diploma. On this page you can download a free, colorful diploma, custom made by Teddylabels.

Download word puzzle

Word puzzle

Quiz for Children

Here are 35 fun quiz questions from various categories that both younger and older children can answer. See the correct answers below. Who can do the best in the family? Check out the quiz below or download it here!

Teddylabels Bear

1. Which of these is not an animal? Wild boar, Catamaran, Lemur
2. What is the name of Peppa’s best friend in Peppa Pig?
3. What is the largest animal that lives on land?
4. What is the name of the house where the American president lives?
5. What is the maximum number of soccer players on each soccer team during a match? (Besides Substitutes)
6. Which type of animal is Alex in the film Madagascar?
7. Which two colors must you mix in order to get the color green?
8. Which animal can make the loudest sound?
9. Who is Tom in «Tom and Jerry», the mouse or the cat?
10. Does a piano have more black keys or white keys?
11. What is SpongeBob’s snail named?
12. Which country is most famous for having mummies?
13. How many pieces does each player have in chess?
14. Which of these animals is the smallest… Tiger, Lion, Cat, or Mouse?
15. In what popular film can you hear the song «Let it Go»?
16. True or False: You are allowed to touch the soccer ball with your hand even if you aren’t a goalie.
17. What color is a giraffe’s tongue?
18. In what country can we find the world’s largest wall?
19. What is the name of Harry Potter’s owl?
20. How many colors are there in a rainbow?
21. What are raisins made of?
22. What sport is Steph Curry famous for?
23. In which city can you find the Big Ben clock?
24. In which computer game do you build with bricks and fight monsters?
25. How many puppies are there in Paw Patrol?
26. What is a baby sheep called?
27. What happens to Pinocchio’s nose when he lies?
28. How many days are there in a year?
29. What are clouds made of… smoke, water, or cotton?
30. Which famous ship sunk on its first voyage in 1912?
31. How many legs does a spider have?
32. What color do you get if you mix red and blue?
33. Who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea?
34. What is a Brontosaurus?
35. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag?

1. Catamaran (It is a boat)
2. Suzy Sheep
3. The elephant (More specifically the African Savannah elephant)
4. The White House
5. 11, including goalkeeper
6. Lion
7. Yellow and Blue
8. A blue whale can make the loudest sound of any animal. Sounds from the whale have been recorded over 188 decibels which is louder than a jet taking off.
9. The cat
10. White (A normal piano has 88 keys. 52 are white and 36 are black)
11. Gary
12. Egypt
13. 16
14. Mouse
15. Frozen
16. False. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with their hands.
17. It can be purple, dark blue, or almost black.
18. China
19. Hedwig
20. 7 (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet)
21. Grapes
22. Basketball
23. London
24. Minecraft
25. Six
26. Lamb
27. It gets longer.
28. 365
29. Water
30. Titanic
31. Eight
32. Purple
33. SpongeBob SquarePants
34. A dinosaur
35. There are a total of 5 rings. They are in colors (from left to right) Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, and Red

Solution Word Puzzle for Children: TREASURE

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