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Wall Decals: Cars

Broom, Broom - Full speed! Cool wall decals in lovely colors for the family's little car enthusiast.

Wall Decals: Cars

✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
✓ Easy to Attach and Easy to Remove
✓ Leaves No Marks

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Easy to Move
Leaves No Marks
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Does your child love to play with cars? This adorable wall decoration, consisting of four cars and a roadway, will excite your little race car driver and add color to the wall. Our wall decals work like stickers and can be put together exactly how you like.

Each set consists of 17 decorative elements in different sizes.

How to attach wall decals:
• Make sure the wall is clean, dry, and free of grease and dust
• Carefully take the different decorative elements off the sheet, and attach them where you want them on the wall
• Make sure to remove all air bubbles with your hand

Wall decals work like stickers and can be attached to everything from walls to cabinets, dressers, and other furniture. The decorations easily stick to different surfaces, both smooth and lightly textured. All our decorations are made of a flexible material that does not stretch or leave marks.

Our wall decals can easily be removed and replaced as you wish. All you have to do is carefully pull the decorations off the wall and place them in their new spot. You can also stick the decoration on the original Teddylabels package or parchment paper.