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Wall Decals: The Forest

Recreate the cozy forest feeling in the children's room with a number of mushrooms, nuts, pine cones, and leaves.

Wall Decals: The Forest

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✓ Easy to attach and easy to remove
✓ Leaves no marks

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Preview of Wall Decals: The Forest
Wall Decals with Plants and Leaves from the Forest
Wall Decals with Plants and Leaves from the Forest
Easy to Move
Leaves No Marks
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Being outside in the forest is good for our health, so why not bring this feeling inside as well? This wall decoration contains mushrooms, nuts, pine cones, and leaves, creates a magical feeling in the children’s room, and reminds us of a beautiful, colorful fall.

The self-adhesive wall decals consist of 32 decorative elements. The size of the smallest decals is 1.57 x 2.55 inches, while the larger pieces are 3.34 x 3.93 inches.

How to apply the decals:
• Make sure the surface is clean, try, and free of dust and grease.
• Carefully peel the different decorative elements off the sheet and place them where you would like.
• Remove any air bubbles with your hand.

Our decals work just like stickers and fit on everything from walls to cabinets, dressers, and other furniture. The decorations are easy to attach to different surfaces, both smooth and lightly textured, and they are made of a flexible material that does not stretch or leave marks.

The wall decals can easily be removed or replaced – so don’t worry if you can’t place it right on your first try! All you have to do is carefully pull the decal off the surface and place it back on the original packaging or parchment paper.