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Wall Decals: Clouds

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$15.95 per set

Put your head in the clouds! Each bundle contains 25 clouds in various sizes.

Easy to attach and just as easy to remove!

Preview of Wall Decals: CloudsPreview of Wall Decals: Clouds

Want to be on cloud no 9? Top it of with 16 more! This bundle of 25 cloud stickers will give your kids bedroom a heavenly and tranquil atmosphere. Choose between pre-selected color palettes or design your own using your favorite colors. The wall decals work just like a sticker and you can attach them easily on your desired surfaces.

Each bundle contains 25 self-adhesive decals in various sizes, where the largest measure approx. 5.11” x 2.75”, and the smallest measure approx. 2.75” x 1.57”.

Do you want to beautify your kids bedroom door? Check out our personalized door decals with various themes.


  • Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free from grease and dust.
  • Carefully remove the decoration from the sheet and place it on your desired area.
  • Rub out any air bubbles by hand.

Our self-adhesive decals work just like a sticker and can be attached to anything from walls and closet doors to dressers and similar furniture. You can easily attach the decals to various surfaces, both smooth and lightly textured. Our wall decals are made with a flexible material that does not stretch, become detached or leave a mark.

But don’t worry if it’s not a perfect fit the first time – our door stickers can easily be removed and repositioned somewhere else. Just peel the decal carefully off the door and place them back onto the included backing paper, (or use parchment paper) until you have decided on a different spot.

Wall decals - clouds
Wall decals - clouds
Wall decals - clouds